Monday, November 10, 2014

Long Weekend Happenings!

I'm currently on day 3 of my 4-day long weekend, and the much needed break from school has been lovely. Thus far I've 

- Watched a ton of Christmas movies, in addition to multiple episodes of House and Once Upon a Time on Netflx
- Finished reading Pride Over Pity by Kailyn Lowry and The Beautiful and the Damned  by Jessica Verday
- Started reading Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern (loving it!)
- Attempted a Christmas themed acrylic painting 
- Made a list of things to get people for Christmas
- Wrote out all the Vocab words for my next Biology unit (what's a long weekend without some schoolwork? On the bright side, our next unit is Reproduction, which means babies, yay!!)

Tomorrow, I'm planning to get up early and attend the local Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremony with my Rangers group, and then I think the boyfriend and I are going to finish our university applications. I'm so glad that I'm finally getting around to applying to nursing school! (Ok, actually I'm really glad that I'll be one step closer to moving out and studying something I actually want to learn about). 

Hope everyone else is having a weekend half as relaxing as mine, and that you take some time to remember the reason behind our long weekend, and those who lost their lives fighting so that'd we now have the freedom to lie around having a stress-free weekend <3

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